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Road Accident

"So Sad" Horrific Scenes After Another Accident Occured Involving A Matatu And Trailer In Mariakani

It is a sad morning following a tragic accident between a PSV matatu and a trailer at Maji ya Chumvi near Mariakani.

According to reports by the Sikika Road Safety group, several people in the PSV matatu feared dead and others got serious injuries.

Here are the pictures at the scene shared by Sikika Road Safety;

These are some of the comments from netizens;

"Sikka Road Safety you should try a night trip on this road and see what happens very dangerous driving," Ziram

"Never let your mistakes cost the lives of innocent people, drive carefully," Tash

"sad..... drivers... just keep to road regulations...most accidents are avoidable," Joe

"This is too sad loved ones won't be coming back home," John

The cause of the tragic accident is not yet known. The dead were taken to a nearby notary while those with injuries were quickly rushed to the hospital for treatment. The residents advised being careful at that dangerous spot.

Please type RIP and wish Quick recovery for the injured. Also, follow and share updates on this accident.

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