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Inside Orie Manduli's 20 million hearse

Every human being needs a good send off after finishing their journey in this tiresome world. Burials are therefore organized based on the depth of pockets of loved ones left behind.

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Orie Rogo Manduli's send off is probably the most talked of burial ceremony today in Kenya. The veteran politician, former Safari Rally driver and a fashionista has been given one of the greatest send off the country has ever seen.

It is estimated that the hearse which transported her to church is over 20 million worth of Kenyan shillings. The maroon limo hearse is said to be Kenya's first limousine hearse being produced by Delight Funeral services.

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Inside, the luxurious car has a rotational panel on which the coffin sits that is separated from the driver's sit by a board. On its rear end, it has swan doors that can sit three people.

Manduli will be laid to rest this Saturday 9th October. Rest easy Manduli.

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Mandu Manduli Safari Rally


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