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Road Accident

SAD: BodaBoda Rider Dies On The Spot At City Cabanas Along Mombasa Road Following A Nasty Accident

A nasty accident has claimed the life of a Bodaboda rider at around city Cabanas this morning. The Bodaboda ramped into a lorry heading towards Mulolongo just after the Southfield mall where road construction is ongoing and unluckily perished on the spot.

Following the incident, Bodaboda operators have been urged to observe basic traffic rules and also maintain personal discipline in order to cut down on such cases. Below are the five Cardinal points for the riders to observe to avoid such incidences

"Bodaboda riders things to note-

1. Always wear your helmet at all times.

Why? It will prevent you from minor or serious head injuries.

2. Always know all blind spots of a truck ( make sure you can see the truck driver on his mirror,if you can't see him just know you are in the blind spot of that truck)

3. You should know that trucks takes time to brake 

4. Always follow traffic rules at all times because you share the same rules with a drive because you have a Driving License.

5. The last most important thing is let's respect each other while on the road for all of us to reach our destination safe." Sikika Road Safety

What is your take on this? Drop and advise to out motorists and share Thai article so that it can react drivers and Bodaboda operators of you don't wish to see increased number of accidents on our roads.

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