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The Most Protected Building In Kenya (PHOTOS)

In Kenya, highly guarded places are good to stay away from, since any suspicion look, flash of a camera or even two minutes stop can land you into a trouble. There is always no clear images of these places online for further security. Therefore the most protected building in Kenya is State House building. This is the official resistance of president of the republic of Kenya and guarded by highly trained Recce squad and armed General Service Unit (GSU). They are always in constant patrol in the compound.

Vehicles that enters or leaving the compound are thoroughly inspected to ensure maximum security. Idling or photography in this place is highly prohibited and may land you to overnight grilling.

A part from human security, statehouse building also boasts some of its own security details. For instance, the building itself contains bulletproof windows and concrete wall. Its fence is also electric with alarm system. The compound also boasts powerful CCTV cameras for more safety.

Besides, nearby statehouse road is also heavily guarded and in many occasions motorists have narrated that when their cars break down around that place, security officers could come from nowhere to help them fix the mess very fast and leave as soon as possible. The road there is often clear. Indeed it is guarded! Below are amazing pictures of statehouse and its security.


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Kenya PHOTOS State House


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