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Why Letter 'O' and 'I' Are Never Used in Car Number Plates.

Number plates play a big role in identification of vehicles and other motor vehicles all around the world. Each country has its way of assigning the registration numbers for different vehicles. In our country number plates take the form "HHH TTTH" where H represents a letter and T represents a number.

I guess you have seen hundreds of numbers plates but you have never seen any car or lorry with an O or I letter. Do you know why they are not used? Letter I has a close resemblance to number 1 and therefore can cause confusion at certain times. Letter O too is similar to zero and can confuse people. For this reason they are avoided in the registration of vehicles.

These two letters can easily be modified to form other letters making them not to be used. There are instances when other letters are avoided because the abbreviation formed has a meaning. An example is KDF which is the Kenyan Defence Forces. In such a scenario the letter F can be omitted and the next letter used.I hope this article was informative. Like, share and follow the page for more articles daily.

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