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Tension Among Villagers as a Man Disappears After Asking Youths to Leave Him in The Forest

A family has been left in agony after a 52-year-old man disappeared mysteriously inside Nandi South forest. Shackland Kipkorir Kogo from Ngatipkoi village in Engwen constituency in Nandi County was last seen at 2pm in the company of youths inside the said forest. They were doing some repairs on Kaom Stream that had been blocked when the incident reportedly happened.[Photo Courtesy]

It is reported that before the youths went back home, they requested the old man to follow them but he refused saying that he will continue working until later in the day. Many hours passed and the old man had not reported back home. The villagers were filled with worries claiming that it was abnormal for him not to turn up at the end of the day.

They waited further to see if the man will come back but there was no any sign of him coming back. His family members have now recorded a statement at Chepsonoi police station and they have requested members of the public to assist them find him if they happen to come across him. However, they did not give his descriptions but they have provided photos which will assist the public to identify him.

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Chepsonoi Kaom Stream Ngatipkoi Shackland Kipkorir Kogo


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