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4 Things That Kenyan Police Officers Are Not Allowed To Do

1.Acting as witnesses in courts.Police Officers are not supposed to give any testimony in. court. This is doing so without the consent of the inspector General of police. The inspector of the police is the one grants permission to act as a witness.

2.The dental formular is supposed to be full. Without all your teeth you will not be allowed to work in the police service. This is because in the police force even teeth is a form of without teeth you will not have full capacity to work in any police force.

3.Having tattoo in the Police force

Police Officers are not supposed to have any tattoos. This is because tattoos are believed to carry infections and police officers work in many place in the country. Therefore they are supposed to be comfortable in any atmosphere.

4.Dealing with strikes as a police officer

It is totally against the rule of law in the police force to hold strikes. Police Officer in strike is a threat to peace. If a police officer strikes who will maintain order? If police officers strike criminal offenses will be experienced that is why they are not allowed to hold strikes.

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