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"Watu Hawana Shukurani" Muthee Kiengei Says This Concerning The Person He Offered Help

Muthee Kiengei has expressed his disappointment and dissatisfaction to a man who had disability but later turned against them after healing. According to him, they raised over Ksh.800,000 to help a man identified as Peter Mburu to acquire a prosthetic leg and then use the remaining money to start a useful business.

To his surprise, the man acquired the prosthetic leg and used the other money to do other businesses but he has turned out to be a liar. Mr Mburu has showed no gratitude to those who raised money for him to have a normal life.

He is now campaigning for a politician only identified as Jack Ma saying that he was the one who took care of him when nobody was around to take care of him. According to Mr Mburu, the Jack Ma used to visit him in hospital and ensured that he was able to walk again.

He goes ahead to say that Jack Ma has stood where no one wanted to stand and he is now helping orphans and widows and this makes him a suitable leader for the people. This statement by Peter Mburu has left Muthee Kiengei and most of his fans in surprise but they have left everything for himself to decide.

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