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Top 12 Weird SCAMMING Tricks in Nairobi, Kenya, Be Aware.

Majority of people or someone you know have been conned either direct or indirect. The experience is not something to share because in most cases it happens in a most weird or stupid way.

Below are major weird tricks used by scammers especially in Nairobi,be cautious.

Phone snatching trick- this mostly happens when you board a matatu, and a stranger sitted next to you mostly a lady, politely tells you they have misplaced their phone. They request you to dial their number to locate it.

After she gets her phone, after few minutes, someone else in the matatu claims that his or her phone has been stolen and he just had it few minutes ago.

He redials his phone number, and unfortunately your phone will ring. You will be attacked because you are a 'phone snatcher' and you end up loosing your phone and maybe other valuables just because you helped a stranger locate her phone. So be cautious.

Other way to be tricked is when you sit on the front sit,drivers side. He tells you to close your door well and in that moment of opening and closing the door, your phone is gone .

A person drops an envelope wrapped with some note on-top - ofcourse you will pick it. Someone else will approach you and say you share the money equally. You go to a hidden or a non congested place, they attack you and go away with your valuables.

The dropped envelope is always stashed with papers but wrapped with a note to attract you. Be aware.

Sure bets and odds adverts- if you frequently use social media platforms, you might have come across such posts. Someone tells you that he has been predicting odds correctly and has earned quite good amount of money.

Out of curiosity, you get interested to earn as well. They request you to sent some amount of money for them to forward the bets or predictions to you.

That's a scam. Run away from it

Street 'safaricom' promotions- safaricom is one of the best known network providers and they sometimes have promotions of their products. They only do so in there main customer care centers or advertise on their official page.

Unfortunately, some people take advantage of the brand to con people especially in busy streets or bus stations. You were told to pick a raffle and you might win a laptop or phone or credit. Once you win any of the above items, you are taken to a different location to pick your 'gift'. Instead they rob you. Be aware of such street promotions.

Fuliza or hustler Fund limit increase adverts- in most cases the scammers tells you that they are in a position to increase your limit and for them to do so, they ask you for a certain amount. They even sent your some 'testmonials' of different people whom their limits have been increased after contacting them. That's a scam run away from them

Watch some Whatsapp or YouTube videos or Ads to be paid- these type of scammers usually tells one to register with them by paying a certain amount, and you will be paid handsomely once you click a video or watch it in WhatsApp. On top once you refer someone and they register using your referral code, you will get some commission.

Once you start 'earning' in their page, they start giving you other conditions. For you to withdraw your money, you must sent this link to more than 10 or more people and groups. Pure scam. Run

Club or date Hookups- we all like soft life and a good company. If a lady hooks up with you when in your entertainment joint, be careful.

Some may put 'mchele' in your drink, and get away with your valuables.

Others might play along with you, give company to your house and demand for money failure to pay they scream with allegations that you want to rape her. You end up being scolded by public and compensate for the damage caused.

Others might even accompany you in your house, stupify your drink,and Rob your house in conjunction with others once you sleep. Be careful on the strangers you meet

Fare issue- many people have been scammed online via sent me fare to come . In most cases those who request for fare are not even ladies. It's just a guy who is impersonating a lady. Be careful

In hospital corridors or health facilities centers- someone approaches you and tells you that he has a patient inside who has been admitted but unfortunately his phone is off and can't reach their relatives.

So he/she politely requests you to help make a contact to any of their family member and as he exceuses himself to talk, he runs away with your phone. Be aware

Online Job Applications- Nowadays most job applications is done online. But one need to be cautious especially after you qualify for a job you applied online.

Some of the sites are used by scammers to lure victims and con them. Once you secure the job, they will call you and ask you for some money to facilitate for your medical card, staff card and uniform. Run once you receive such a call.

A Kenyan Impersonating a mzungu and sending you a parcel via air transport then asks you to facilitate for clearance fee and delivery fee to your home area - many have been conned through this. You meet someone online who looks like a mzungu, you chit chat and then boom he tells you that there is a parcel for you in Mombasa. But you need to take care of shipping cost and clearance fee.

Once you sent the money, they usually block you. Run away from such posts

Cheap online or physical electronics and other households- sometimes as you scroll up in social media, you might come across an household item that is being sold at a throw away price. You get interested and make a purchase. Once you sent your money, the seller blocks you and thats how you lose your money.

In other cases, you might approach a physical Electronic shop to purchase maybe a TV. They sell you a smart TV at a throw way price too but before you pick your screen, you were told to purchase a certain card to activate the TV.

If you fail to co-operate, they cause a commotion, call you a thief and you end up losing your money.

So be aware of the above as you visit the streets of Nairobi or as you stroll social media.

Share the above article to protect your loved ones from being conned .

Content created and supplied by: Evelyne-mbuvi (via Opera News )

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