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Wonders As A Three-Year-old Girl Undresses Herself And Asks Other Boys To Sleep On Top Of Her

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A three-year-old girl shocked her mum after she was seen undressing herself before asking her friends to sleep on top of her.

According to reports, the mother of the child (whose name has been hidden for anonymity) noticed her daughter touching her age mates inappropriately. The girl then went on to remove her clothes before asking one of the boys to sleep with her.

The mother was calm after noticing this weird behaviour. She took her time and confronted the little girl. She assured the girl her safety.

The girl then went ahead and revealed how she was being abused by a neighbour and her father. The mother was shocked by the news. She reported the case to the police and legal action was taken against the father and the neighbour.


Children also go through psychological problems just like adults. Parents should always make an effort to check up on their children in order to ensure everything is okay. What is your take on this matter? Have your say down below.

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