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Revealed : 3 Things Trapped Miners are Asking For From Inside the Mine

For the past few days now, Bondo residents are living in shock and uncertainty after several men wete trapped inside a mine

According to reports 8 men who were hunting for gold were burried alive after the mine collapsed.

Two were rescued on the said day with six left trapped inside the mine.

However, rescuers have continued to give hope to friends and family by sharing bits and pieces of communication that the besieged young men have been able to shout from inside the mines.

According to one of the men leading the rescue operation, the trapped men assured them of the relative stability of their condition, and specifically asked the rescuers to lower them three things; a flashlight, glucose and water.

While obviously the flashlight is mostly for operational purposes as the men are engulfed in darkness, the glucose will serve to replenish their energy considering the fatigue they are likely to have undergone, and the water is to check against possible dehydration as risk of this becomes more and more possible with the passing days.

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