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The Challenging Life Of An Intersex Shared By Betty.

Most of us we are used to living a normal life, just as God created us. We should know and embrace that among us there are people who God still created them but differently. Among the people created differently are the Intersex people.

Who is an Intersex person? An Intersex is a term used to describe bodies that fall outside the strict male/female binary. An Intersex person can have a reproductive anatomy that doesn't fit the male or female boxes. It is possible for doctors to do surgery to give a person especially babies the an identity of male and female but that doesn't mean that's the gender identity they will grow up to have.

A good example is Betty who courageously shared her story to the public through top YouTuber in the country, Mungai Eve. Betty narrated her life story to Eve of the challenges she has faced of being an intersex. Betty has both male and female organs. The identified her situation is not normal at the age of seven years.

Her mom took her to the doctors and she was advised that Betty should grow up to identify if she is a girl or a boy so as to be able to do the surgery. As years went by, Betty identified herself as a girl but she says her male hormones are higher than the female hormones. Her mum neglected her as she never went for the surgery until now. She has lived with her grandmother her whole life.

She says it's a challenge because people are quick to judge her situation. It has reached a point that girls use her to satisfy themselves. To watch more of her story, click the link:

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