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"Na Hii Iwe Onyo" Landlord kicks out tenant for Doing This At Night With Friends

One Landlord in Matuu, Machoks County has this morning chased away his tenant by the name David Mutinda out of his flats, this is was after he learnt that Mutinda had changed his single-room house to be a pub. It was reported that Mutinda after receiving his salary decided to give his friends and neighbour a treat by buying them alcohol.

The landlord was informed by the other tenants who were angered by the actions of Mutinda: " You decided to turn my flats into a night club. I cannot accept one person to give others sleepless night because of alcohol and screaming all night." The landlord told the generous Mutinda.

Mutinda was given one day to vacate the house. "This should act as a warning to all drunkards, if one gets in here with the same behaviour and start causing trouble, they will suffer the similar consequences," the angry landlord warned.

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