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" Bravo ", Netizens React After Wahu's Daughter Accomplished This In Kajiado

Sanitary pads is a very crucial part in the life of any woman because they will need them during every end of the month when they experience their monthly flow. Sanity pads are not as cheap as one would think. They are very expensive and not every person can achieve it.when one is on their menses it's not as easy task it comes with its challenges, when a girl lacks pads and she has to attend school it becomes tricky because one can be laughed at by the others when they mess up.

Nameless and Wahu's daughter Tumi Mathenge has taken this wise decision at her young age, Tumi Mathenge has decided to engage in a journey of helping the young girls who require sanitary pads and they can not achieve to buy them. She paid a visit at Kajiado and helped the needy.

Netizens were pleased with her huge generous heart and for the brave act.

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Bravo Kajiado Tumi Mathenge


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