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4 Habits That Will Make You Remain in Chains of Poverty

Your status in life is determined by your own actions and habits. The creator has given each one of us a free will so that you can shape your life exactly the way you want. The idea that human life is predetermined elsewhere is an illusion. Your are the co-creator of your own life. Here are habits which indicates you will remain in the chains of Poverty.

1. Laziness

Life is not easy and to succeed you need to take extra miles to create the life of your choice. The fact that life is hard, doesn't mean it is impossible. What you need to succeed is hardwork and determination.

2. Comparisons

Comparing your life to those of other people is the road to failure. Everyone is unique and follow different paths from yours. Live for what is true to you.

3. Procrastination

If you keep on postponing what you must do to succeed, then chains of Poverty is holding you tight. If find an opportunity, start working today and not tomorrow, because the future do not exist for change. The tomorrow you are waiting for, is depending on today.

4. Fear of unknown

Fearing that you will fail, is the very action attracting failure. You don't have to. Just do it and God will deliver. Believe the future is holding good for you.

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