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Meet Kenyan Man Minting Millions Of Money From Selling Legal Marijuana Brew In South Africa

While bhang is considered as an illegal drug in Kenya, the controversial plant has also made others millionaires. The story of Abel Masafu, a Kenyan who currently resides in South Africa has confessed how marijuana has made him a millionaire in less than four years. As revealed by, Abel has been able to mint about ksh147 million in a time frame of four years.

Due to his genius levels while living in South Africa, Abel Masafu managed to come up with a fruit juice made from marijuana. While speaking in Kinshasa, DRC Congo, the controversial businessman found it easy to sell his marijuana juice fruit due to the reluctancy in the rules governing the sale of bhang in South Africa. While narrating his ordeal, Abel revealed that in South Africa, sale of bhang is allowed as long as it doesn't exceed 20mg for a packet.

He currently runs his company by the name Black Weed Nation and has managed to sell over 35,000 bottles of the product in different regions within South Africa. He also mentioned that a bottle of the bhang fruit juice costs ksh4,200. This comes as section of legislators in Kenya are struggling to ensure the legalisation of bhang in Kenya.

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