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Road Accident

'So Painful' A Lady Narrates How She Lost her Hand in An Accident Forcing Her To Live Single Handed

In life, we live today but never no what will happen to us tomorrow. There is no one who can predict what he will go through in the following day.

You can dinner with your friend today and tomorrow you hear bad news about your friend.

Harriet Mwagweru was born normal with all his arms. She never knew some bad luck would befall her one day.

Harriet lost her hand in a road accident that can be described as a 'caused accident' Harriet narrates how she was going back home in Utawala after finishing her Job.

On the way, she decided to stop and buy some clothes for herself. After buying the clothes, Harriet bordered a matatu that was heading to Utawala where she lived.

She decided to sit next to the driver for her to have a widw view of the environment outside as the vihicle move.

The conductor filled the vehicles and it took of. On the way, the driver started to speed the vihicle.

Harriet started developing worry as he looked back to other passengers to see if they could notice that the driver had added some gears and the matatu was almost flying.

The mistake Harriet made was to keep calm without addressing the issue. Other passengers also had nothing to say as they wished to reach the destination very first. Few minutes just before the vehicles could reach the stage, the car landed in a ditch leaving her single handedly.

Harriet narrates how she fainted and after waking up, she was engulfed in blood and her hand was broken.

She was taken to a hospital in Nairobi by well wishers. The efforts to see her hand return normal proved to be futile after a series of surgery could not change anything.

Doctors recommended complete amputation of the hand. Harriet had no choice but to accept her hand to be amputated since it had gone beyond control.

After loosing the hand, Harriet has struggled with life. She did not give up in life. She continued buying and selling clothes with her remaining hand without giving up. It was not easy for her as his close friends started looking down upon her.

Her husband who was then her boyfriend promised never to leave her and they continued till they married each other.

Harriet says the only problem she faced in previous years was that she could forget that she lacks one hand. Sometimes she could try to pick an item with the amputated hand only to feel the excruciating pain.

Despite passing through all that, Harriet has remained to be an optimistic person in life with high self-esteem.

She has opened a Youtube channel to try and encourage other people who are living with disability both born with and the ones brought by accidents that everything is possile.

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Harriet Mwagweru Utawala


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