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Road Accident

"Haikua Ivo Ikitolewa Jana" Surfacing Photos Of School Bus Retrieved From River Enziu Causes an Uproar

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Surfacing photos of a school bus that plunged into river Enziu Bridge Mwingi Kitui county has caused uproar online whereby some netizens are wondering if the driver who applied his skills on retrieving it used the best formulas.

That school bus was plunged into river Enziu Bridge, Mwingi on Saturday whereby more tha thirty people perished out of that massacre.

That incident created tension among Kenyans whereby some people were blaming the county government of Kitui for not initiating development in their region hence risking people lives.

Sikika road safety Facebook page has exposed online the current conditions of that damaged school bus hence causing uproar. Sikika road safety was warning Kenyans on effects or driving on moving water because consequences are more worse that unexpected.

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Kenyans on social media have been amazed with current critical conditions of that bus whereby some section of netizens have blamed the driver of excavator who was hired to perform that task.

Other netizens have advised that driver to go back to school and apply the same course so that he can get creative skills while performing his duties.

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