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KHRC Launches Paybill For 4 Kisii Women Killed On Suspicion of Witchcraft

The Kenya Human Rights Commission has launched an initiative seeking to help out the families of four elderly Kisii women who were killed on suspicion of practising witchcraft.


The 4 women, Jemimah Mironga, 60, Sigara Onkware, 62, Sindege Mayaka,85 and Agnes Ototo, 57, were lynched on the Sunday of 17 October 2021 on suspicion of abducting a local student at night. The student regained consciousness the next day and reportedly identified his 'abducting witches'.

KHRC in association with The Open Society Initiative For Eastern Africa has asked Kenyans to contribute towards helping out the families through Paybill number 891300, Account Number 50732, Account Name: Utu Coalition.

Meanwhile the county government of Kisii county led by Governor James Ongwae created a Task Force on 26 October 2021 to look into what may the cause of community hostility towards the elderly in Kisii who time and again have been lynched or burnt alive on suspicion of witchcraft.

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