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Residents Perplexed After Going To Their Bar Only To Find It Has Already Been Turned Into A Church

The lockdown was long and if you do not believe it ask revellers of Scotch Baron Lounge. They had not been able to drink from their favourite joint since the president had scaled down sell of alcohol. Yesterday when president lifted some measures, they rushed to their favorite joint to quench thirst with cold beer. Guess who met them at the entrance? Pastor holding a Bible ready to convert them.

Apostle Baraza has a unique way of bringing men closer to God. He goes to places where he considers to be dens of sin and converts them to shrines to serve God. His favourite buildings are clubs and bars which he buys and converts them to mega churches.

When asked about his modus operandi the man of God said, “Our core mission is to bring light where there is darkness. We condemn the spirit of darkness, not the person, and for that reason, we are open to drunkards who wish to join our church.”

Like the Messiah, Baraza does not announce his coming. One day you go to your favorite club on Sunday to have fun and find a multitude singing 'Hallelujah'. You have a choice, to join them in seeking Kingdom of God or go on searching a new base. The problem of finding a new joint is that you never know when Baraza will come for it. Everyday you will be taking beer knowing it might the last time you get served in that place.

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