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How The Kikuyu People Conducted Their Burials Before The Use Of Mortuaries and Coffins

Decades ago, long before mortuaries were built in the country, some communities like the Agikuyu people didn't bury their loved ones in an orderly manner as it is done today. When a person neared their death, they were taken into the bushes away from the homestead where they would await their death. After they died, no form of burial was carried out, they were eaten by wild animals and vultures. If death occured while someone was still in their homes, the person was wrapped up in a clothing and thrown into the bushes.

Some years later, somehow the people begun to find it more suitable to bury their loved ones decently. They started digging very shallow graves to bury the dead without a coffin.

As burying people decently gathered more popularity, mourners begun to visit the family of the deceased and it would take a couple of days before the burial took place. Still, mortuaries weren't used by the majority, so they preserved the dead body at home awaiting burial.

But how did they preserve the dead bodies? They would lay the corpse on split banana stems which acted as a freezer. Kerosene was also poured all over the corpse and in some instances, the body would have a deep cut around the belly so that it couldn't swell up.

How do you think burials were conducted in your community long before the use of coffins and mortuaries?

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