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Cows Causes Chaos In Pico Rivera Town In California As They Run For Their Dear Lives

Farming is one of the ancient human economic activities. People domesticate animals for various reasons. Cows are reared for milk, meat, skin among other reasons. Cows kept mainly for milk are known as daily cattle while those that reared form meat are known as beef cattle. Beef is one of the delicious food for human being. Countries have slaughter houses and meat processing plants in order to serve local demands as well as exporting the excess.

California which is one of the States in the United States of America has meat processing plant. The plant was operating when unusual incident happened. Cows that were in a meatpacking plant sneaked out and ran for dear lives. The incident caused chaos in the town of Pico Rivera.

It was believed that more than forty cows swept the town. Fortunately most of the cattle were captured by police deputies and ranchers. Indeed every living organism love his or her own life. If it was you, would you still slaughter these cows that trying to save their lives?

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