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Increase In Crime Is As A Result Of Economic Imbalance

Most of Kenyans are living one day at a time, the health and wealth status is not promising at all. Most of the people have experienced tough economic times which has made them to loose the taste of life.

Kenyans have also come to realise that they can not afford medical bills, food, clothing and do any investment. The contributing factors beeing change of economy and inevitable sicknesses.

A large population of the youth have engaged in evil practices that have eventually costed their lives, this imbalance has gone further and brought lack of peace in marriages resulting to conflicts and divorce. To an extent of even killing one another.

Recently the country has registered a high number of killings, particularly occurring in people who are closely related, a close look has to be done, people are depressed and they have seen no need of living anymore, they have taken life so simple that even killing one another is not a big deal.

The demands of daily needs that can not be met have contributed to all this mess. When people have nobody to turn to for help they start revolting against one another, the taste of life has been snatched from them.

Those who have lost their beloved ones whom they treasured have become desolate. They have seen that it will be well if they also depart from this world.

A solution has to be found if indeed humanity has to be reinstate in the hearts of people. The world leadership has to raise to the occasion in order to address the problem of lack and bring stability to their nations.

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