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Female Police Officer Melts The Hearts Of Kenyans After She Did This To Help A Mother Vote

Police officers are known by many people to be hostile people but that is not always true. They are human beings like us and we actually know many of them as they are our family. Some people however have negative thoughts about them and have always feared them that even getting closer to them is a challenge.

One female officer has warmed the hearts of Kenyans after she helped a mother take care of her baby as she voted. The photo which was shared by shows the officer having some fun moments with the baby girl child as her mother voted. From the looks of the baby, she was very comfortable with the police officer. The female officer played with the baby as her gun hung from her shoulders.

Police officers interacting with the citizens is the kind of relationship we want in our country. A country in which people are not afraid of the police or other law enforcement officers. What do think of the officer helping the mother take care of the baby? Share your opinion in the comments section. Follow the page for more news updates daily.

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