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Bhang Worth 16 Million Nabbed in a Water Bowser

Police in Marsabit county have impounded 561 Kilograms of Bhang.The illegal drug is estimated to be worth Kenya Shillings 16 Million.

The bhang was found hidden in a water Bowser at Gas Area in North Horr constituency.It was found around 1 am on Thursday.

The truck in which the drug was impounded belongs to a certain company.The company is known as Gajaj Road Bridge Construction Company.It is from the neighbouring Wajir County.The driver managed to escape,but a hunt to arrest him are underway.

Bhang remains to be among the prohibited drugs in Kenya.

Bhang is a mixture made from buds, leaves and flowers of female cannabis or marijuana plant .

Bhang contains THC and CBD compounds that can bind to your body cannabinoid receptors and impact your learning, memory and motor.

In some countries in the world such as India,the drug is used for medicinal purpose.Bhang can help reduce nausea and vomiting, especially due to side effects of Chemotherapy.However long term use may increase nausea and vomiting in some people.

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