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Revealed: Isiolo Local Brewers Use ARVs And Mortuary Chemicals To Make Alcohol

The people of Isiolo were shocked beyond words on Thursday 20 when it was revealed to them how the local brews they have been taking are being made. The residents were left agape after it was revealed to them that the local brews they use are laced with formalin, painkillers as well as antiretroviral drugs.

The revelation was made during a raid on illicit brew dens in Bulapesa ward in Isiolo county. The raid was headed by the Deputy County Commissioner, Kepha Marube. At a club called "God's Power" cans of the ARVs, painkillers as well as high blood pressure drugs were found. Two people drinking at the pub were arrested and 3000 litres of alcohol destroyed.

The most common fermentation agents in local brews are dry cells, methanol and lead acid but for them they use formalin used to preserve dead bodies and other chemicals to speed the process.

"We are shocked because we have only been witnessing cases of brewers putting strange objects such as dead rats and women's inner garments in the liquor besides other hard drugs such as cocaine," one resident by the name Wario said.

The county commissioner warned the people against consuming drinks that are unregulated as they are toxic to them. Follow the page for more news updates daily. Don't forget to like and share.

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Isiolo Kepha Marube


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