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Man Arrested After he Grabbed a 4-year-old Girl, Removed Her Clothes And Did This Sinful Act on Her

Eva Timotheo, a man of 27 years has been slapped with a punishment of serving 10 years in prison after he knowingly undressed a 4-year-old girl and did a sinful act on her. This is according to a court in Igunga District, Tabora province in Tanzania.

Previously, Alex Kataya, a man who was in charge of the case in Igunga had told the court that the man committed the sinful act on 19th July 2020, he said this before Godfrey Rwekiti, the judge in Igunga court. It is said that on a fateful day, the man took off all the girl's clothes and inserted an object inside her privates that resulted in a lot of pain. According to the constitution in Tanzania, it is against the law for a mature man to perform such an act on a minor.

Despite the court reading this to him, the man denied doing the act to the young girl, this prompted 6 witnesses to be called upon, the witnesses included the young girl who boldly identified the defiler. After listening to the side of the witnesses, the court settled on a decision to slap Eva with a punishment to serve 10 years behind bars.

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