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Tricks fraudsters are using to steal from Kenyans in the name of car sellers.

In Kenya, it is very easy for anyone to loose their money through fraud. This is because there are some people who are taking advantage of every opportunity they get in order to steal from unsuspecting individuals. Since most fraudsters know that there are a lot of people who want to own cars and there is a lot of money involved in the car industry, they have come up with various methods to rob unsuspecting kenyans. Below are some methods fraudsters use.

1. They will tell you to buy some petrol in order to see the car.

Incase you have probably seen someone selling a car online and get in touch with them, fraudsters will try to convince you to send them some money to fuel the car so that they can bring it to you to view it. Incase you come across this, you should forget about the deal. This is because when someone is selling a car, they are the ones who are supposed to foot the bill of the fuel when bringing the car to show it to you.

2. They will tell you to pay a commitment fee.

Paying a commitment fee is not that bad especially when you go to a dealership very late and do not have enough time to complete the transaction. However, fraudsters will always list cars in social media and tell you to pay for a commitment fee even before viewing the car. This might not seem that alarming to a new car buyer. However, if you have not seen a car, it is advisable not to pay for it.

3. Their cars are very cheap.

When buying a car, most people tend to concentrate much on the price and go for the cheapest option. Fraudsters have taken advantage of this and use very low prices to lure unsuspecting individuals. If you don't your research, you will realize that the price of a vehicle may differ by a maximum of 150 thousand kenyan shillings.

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