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Njugush Opens Up On He Was Attacked By Armed Robbers In Nairobi

In Kenya's entertainment sector, comedian Timothy Kimani, also known by the stage name Njugush, has opened out about how a group of armed robbers waylaid his car on University Way on Thursday night before robbing him of items.

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The comedian, who has since reported the incident to Nairobi's Central Police Station, detailed the terrifying incident in a series of Instagram posts on Friday. He claims it happened as he was returning home from work at around midnight.Njugush claims that a middle-aged woman who was limping along the road caused him to slow down.Njugush learned that the woman had consumed alcohol before their chance encounter after having a brief talk with her via the car's window.

"She smells like [alcohol], but I think she's stressed, so I teremsha kioo kidogo," I said. She claims to have children who haven't eaten in days," Njugush posted on Instagram.She tells me she fends for herself due to an accident and that she looks exhausted. "Hataki pesa kama niko na food iko kwa gari nimpatie," she says.After a few minutes of talking, the woman managed to persuade Njugush to open his car's doors for her because she had his attention at this time.I opened the door simply to see if I could possibly get through since I have kids and I guess I'm convinced, he added.

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Njugush's good nature and intentions would turn out to be costly as two unidentified individuals entered his car as soon as he opened the doors; these are men he does not recall seeing on the road when he stopped.While the other sat in the co-seat, driver's one of the attackers sat in the passenger seat next to their female accomplice.

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Njugush was told to be quiet and comply under threat of the woman yelling and accusing him of rape."Ghafla been fu, 2 males entered from the side of my co-driver, and that's when I realized it had bit each other. Njugush recounted, "The lady says ukiitana nitapiga nduru niseme unataka kunirape.By the time najaribu kufikiria cinema kali nishawahi saw, my newly discovered co-driver had given me a ride.The fact that the attackers openly acknowledged him as a star and even celebrated their potential victory in his face bothered Njugush more than anything else.

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"Sasa people," the co-driver exclaims, "nikajua baas at this time. Leo tutacheka. They promise not to be harsh on me, but their children will be lazy, wakule," the comedian remarked.Njugush promptly gave the burglars his phone, but they demanded other things.Njugush made a clever remark about how the robbers could sell a few theater clothes in his car to obtain the extra cash, but it was met with blows.Instead, the robbers demanded the comedian hand over his M-Pesa Pin.

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So chap chap nikaitishwa M-Pesa Pin, he said. "Kwanza simu nikapeana, then nikawaambia labda wabebe costumes zilikuwa kwa gari, nikaekelewa kofi ile ya bladfwakni.""They are currently using foul language. They laughed as the lady huko nyuma anatransfer hio pesa, wakasema 'kumbe ata wasanii kimewaumania, simkuje tupige job huku. Nikawaambia niko tu na that mbili."

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Njugush had been told to drive about Nairobi in circles for the entire period, during which time he tried to alert other drivers by flashing his hazard lights, but his efforts went undetected.They directed me to the stop, and the two jamaas got out first. When Mrembo started to get out, I noticed the phone in her right hand. I attempted to take my phone out of her palm while the engine was running, but it fell to the left side of my body "explained he.The two men started heading back to his car, and Njugush rushed off to Central Police Station.

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"As the boys walikua wameanza kurudi, I understood it was my cue to accelerate, and I immediately set out towards Central. I opened the door, so keep an eye out for whatuz doing that. I'm relieved they spared my life, and now that I know better, wacha watoto wakakunywe maziwa lakini "said he.Nairobi nayo nimekaribishwa mara kadhaa, lakini kukaribishwa.


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