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Revealed: How Kafala System Is Leading To Deaths Of Kenyans In Arab Gulf States

We had many cases reporting deaths of our Kenyan ladies while in Middle East countries, Saudi Arabia and Gulf. Some of this cases leave us wondering what exactly happens when they are in the countries.

Slaida Vugutsa who died while in Saudi Arabia

Recently, Diana Chepkemoi was saved by well-wishers after her health deteriorated while in Saudi Arabia. Thank God she was rescued alive.

Nation has revealed how the Kafala system in Gulf countries is leading to deaths of Kenyan ladies.

As per the Kafala system, one earns freedom only if they pay their "sponsors" some hefty amount which is calculated as recruitment fees, visa fee and air ticket. Since the Gulf countries target ladies from vulnerable families, it becomes difficult for them to pay for the fees.

It becomes impossible for them to free themselves since they sign documents written in Arabic. Those involved them take away the ladies' passports thus restricting them from any movement. They can only run to detention camps.

I'm general, the Kafala system ties legal residency of a migrant worker to their employer for a specific period. Therefore, the ladies are to work on contract.

What us your view concerning the Kafala system? Feel free to drop your comment.

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