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Stop Disposing Plastic Bottles, Instead Reuse Them To Make these Items

In our country, as in much of the world, plastics are one of the biggest environmental problems.

It's a common goal of businesses to recycle plastic bottles, but this has become so difficult that most of them are eventually thrown away, adding to environmental damage.

There are a number of ways that you can use plastic bottles on the homestead to help lessen environmental damage.

One, it can be used to construct a boat.

Since plastics are buoyant, this applies to those living near the Indian Ocean, the lake basin, and permanent rivers who could use the vessel to cross. Still, you need to make sure that there are zero voids between the linked bottles.

2.You can fashion a lovely bed or seat.

What about turning those empty bottles into a couch? Check out the image down here.

Third, you can construct a home out of bottles, where you can nap during the day if you're feeling sleepy, and furnish it with other objects.

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