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Poor Lamu Village With Over 1000 People Depending on One Toilet


Toilets and latrines are a crucial amenity for citizens in the country and the world.

Globally, various organizations have been at the forefront in encouraging people to use and maintain hygienic toilets.

Such organizations have even taken upon themselves to go an extra mile of helping locals in understanding how clean toilets and latrines improve their health and well-being.

Generally, toilets and latrines improve the health of communities.

However, this is contrary in some of the Lamu villages who are living without toilets or latrines and instead use the surrounding bushes in answering their call of nature.

For instance, a village like Mararani within Lamu Island, residents there depend on one public toilet to relieve themselves.

The toilet is also corrugated and its walls looks zigzag and almost collapsing.

Community Sensitization Officer Clinton Ngonyo told Opera News Hub that residents in Mararani Village have lived the difficult and awkward life of having to wait for one another before they reach their turn in using the single toilet in the village occupied by more than 1000 people.

The village was started by palm tappers and traditional alcohol brewers more than a decade ago.

Today, Mararani Village is home to all sorts of people including farmers, fishermen, hoteliers, livestock keepers, miners, small business people among others.

The village is however still facing infrastructural challenges that needs to be addressed urgently.

“You can imagine people here are faced with the challenges of lack of fresh water, toilets and latrines as well as roads and schools. We only have an Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) Centre here. We need a primary school established in Mararani. The population is growing with each passing day,” said Mr Ngonyo.

Dama Kahindi, a resident at Mararani Village called on the government to also establish a police post within Mararani Village.

Ms Kahindi noted that despite the fact that their village is far from Lamu Town, they also depend onpolice officers from the Lamu Central Police Station in Lamu Old Town to provide security in Mararani.

“We need security within our village. Let them establish a police post here so that residents can get 24-hour protection,” said Ms Kahindi.

The residents also pushed for the improvement of road network in the area so that their village can be easily accessed.


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