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What Makes A Dead Body To Float In Water After Some Days?

Have ever wondered as to why dead people float on water a week after drowning? In our community when a person drowns in water he/she is searched two to three days later because this is the time their bodies float on river banks. The question you might get asking yourself is, how does the body have the ability to float on water while those alive may sink?

When a person drowns in water the probability of him/her sinking is high, that is if the person does not know how to swim. After the person has died in water the weight of the body and water become equal in volume that is when the body floats in water. But in some cases the body may sink if the density of it is more than that of water.

Another reason that causes the body of a dead person to float in water is because the air in the lungs is replaced by water. This happens after the body has stayed underwater and the bacteria in chest has produced enough gas to make it float in water.

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