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KPLC Announces a Very Long Electricity Blackout on Wednesday, May 19, Check if You Will be Affected

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company has set a huge power interruption tomorrow which will affect very many areas. According to the Kenya Power, the outage will allow for network maintenance in the areas listed below.

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company has also broken silence concerning the increasing cases of electrocution that are causing deaths in the country.

According to John Guda, the KPLC manager in charge of Health, Safety and Environment in the company, 345 people have so far passed away as a result of electrocution within the last three years. According to the Kenya Power and Lighting Company management, six have passed away within the last one year.

Unfortunately, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company has now cast the blame on Kenyans. Kenya Power management implies the company is not to blame for the cases of fatalities caused by electrocution. John Guda cited that most of the cases are as a result of carelessness in handling electric equipment by Kenyans while at their work places as well as at home. 

However the Kenya Power management has stated that the company is only liable for 26% of the fatalities arising from electrocution. John Guda stated that some of Kenya Power contractors had partially contributed to the fatalities.

However, John Guda, Health, Safety and Environment manager in KPLC made it clear that 74% of all the cases of electrocution were attributed to unsafe practices by the public. John Guda insisted that the Kenya Power customers have to use electricity safely.

John Guda added that some illegal practices have also contributed to the rising cases of electrocution. Some of the malpractices cited include short-circuiting which can claim the whole family. 

In addition to this, the KPLC management has also blamed the cases of electrocution to illegal installations whereby Kenyans hire unscrupulous electricians who are not certified to install power. This form of installation is said to have largely contributed to the fatalities arising from electrocution.

Having learnt the above, note that the Kenya Power and Lighting Company has set a very long maintenance interruption on Wednesday, May 19, in the following parts of the country.

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