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Powerful Lessons From Brutal Lady's Incident Who Assaulted Her Ex-Exployer's Helpless Kids

Gladys Naliaka Nalianya shall remains in the annals of history as the most brutal lady who dehumanized her ex-employer's kids without mercy. (photo of brutal lady Gladys Naliaka Nalianya)

According to the discouraging video that went viral online, the beast-like lady was seen stepping on the helpless child, on top of hitting him with a huge stick.

According to the reliable sources, the cruel lady was not an employee to the same family during his heinous act. It's said she had been fired long time ago and she was in exile plotting to revenge against her employer whom she claimed to have dismissed her without tangible reasons.

It's said the lady was not only after beating the kids, but also to destroy her employer since she was fully armed for the same.

After her attack to the innocent children, her name went viral resulting into public outcry. Kenyans got infuriated over the act and even asked the security agents in the country to arrest the cruel culprit.

Luckily, she was arrested in Eldoret by DCI team while she was heading towards her home ground in Bungoma County. It is reported that the lady escaped a public lynch from the residents as she was being whisked away by security agents.

But what are the main lessons that all employers in Kenya should learn? These are some of them.

1. Never trust any employee without knowing his or her history.

The incident about brutal lady has taught all the employers to be very keen as they employ workers in their houses. It's advisable that, all employers are supposed to vet their historical behaviours of their workers.

2. Children are not supposed to be left alone at home.

The children were attacked by the assailant since the parents or guardians were not around. Therefore, the parents are supposed to be close with their children at all the time.

3. Employers should fire their workers with genuine reasons.

According to the reliable sources, Gladys Naliaka Nalianya attacked the children of her employer as a way of revenging against her ex-employer. She claimed that she was dismissed from job without genuine reason.

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