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'The County Has Lost Many People To Cases Of Drowning Because They Lack Swimming Skills' Dr. Mutua

Kenya is Mourning for over 30 lives which were lost in river Enziu as the bus they were traveling on was swept by floods in the river.

This is an incident which happened on the Saturday of 4th December, 2021 as the occupants of the bus were travelling to a wedding ceremony of one of their own.

They were to cross the river Enziu on their way but due to the heavy rains which had been on the region, they found the river overflooded. The driver had to wait for over two hours for the waters to subsidize but due to the long wait, his passengers grew impatient.

It is reported that their impatience led them to pressure the driver and they made him unwillingly to drive through the waters, something which resulted to many of them loosing lives.

Fueled by this current incident and many others in which Kenyans have been swept by floods or have met their death due to drowning in various regions, Dr. Alfred Mutua, the current governor for Machakos has drafted a mechanism in his manifesto which will see Kenyans save lives in future when faced with large waters.

The governor recently launched his 2022 presidential campaign and one of his plans is to build a swimming pool in each town.

Mutua urged that many Kenyans have lost their lives due to drowning since they lack swimming skills. According to him, many swimming pools will see many people acquire swimming techniques which they can employ to save their lives incase of water disaster.

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