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Top 5 comfortable buses for long distance travelling in Kenya

This sector of transport has undergone a lot of changes. Many years ago there were very few vehicles and therefore travelling was a big challenge. You find around only around three buses from your area if you get late, upto next day or even week. This buses were going in around 30km/hr hence one can find himself or herself staying in a full day in which nowadays 5 hours you are there.

The buses have been improved highly and made with a lot of comfort for the customers to enjoy. From Nairobi to Mombasa they take around 6hrs which now seems cool. Let's see some of the best buses to consider while travelling for long distances.

1. Tahmeed

Its among the top most buses company. They have scania buses which are very comfortable and beautiful. They have their main office at Zahra building, River road Nairobi. They have good customer attendants. They go for more than 30 routes in the country.

2. Modern Coast

This buses operate in the East African countries. Their buses are very luxurious and maintained every time. It was started back at 2007. They do offer both VIP class and economy class making it among the few which offer that service. They have scania buses.

3. Mash Poa

They are very luxurious. They operate within East Africa . This bus offer good customer attendants. It is also well serviced hence customers do like it.

4. Ena Coach

This bus has been to operation since 2010. There buses are very comfortable and well serviced. They work in many routes in Kenya but they are still adding more.

5. Guardian

Guardian bus offers customers genuine comfort they deserve. They are very convenient and operates mostly to Nyanza and Western region.They offer online booking therefore no need of travelling to booking offices to book.

Among this 5 buses which one is the best? Leave a comment there.

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