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Kenyan Clan That Bury their Dead While Seated Stirs Reactions Online

Many across the various communities do alot of rituals to the dead, on what is termed as "to appease the dead", A clan in western Kenya known as Balunda clan of the Bukusu sub-tribe in Bungoma subcounty has astonished many with their cultural practice on burial occasions. Different from the known design of coffin/casket, they make their coffin to suit an individual's sitting posture.

The reason for this posture is because the dead is always buried while seated. This is unheard to many, but this is the reality in this western Kenya clan. Apart from being buried while seated, on the ocassions, there must be a clan elder and rainmaker who pray for the rain yo drop before their kin is laid to rest.

They believe that the showers of rain marks the signs of blessings to the family and the entire clan and communicates that the deceased is already accepted by their Devine spirit.

This has shocked many online as they claim to them it is neither seen nor ever heard story.

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