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Road Accident

4 Risky behaviours of motor cycle operators that predisposes them to accidents

Many accidents in the country are caused by motor cycle operators. Below are some causes that exposes them to accidents.


Carrying excess loads or passengers is a great risk to your life. Controlling the motor cycle when loaded heavily is a challenge.You should therefore avoid overloading.

2.Excess speed

Many motorists, especially of a younger age speed so much when riding.This is risky because a motorcycle requires balance and body flexibility.Overspeeding can make you lose balance and you can probably cause an accident.

3.Switching of lanes

When negotiating a bend,some motorists tend to pull out from their correct lanes in order to negotiate the corner without skidding.However,this endangers them because they can collide with an oncoming vehicle or another motorcycle.

4.Failure to wear helmets

Some motorists are ignorant on an helmet,this is risky since you are protected by the helmet incase of an accident.The helmet also protects your eyes from wind,in doing this,it enables you to clearly see the road without closing your eyes.

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