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Youths To No Longer Be Harassed Because Of Dressing Code And Hairstyle. National Police Service Says

For sometime now the youth have been asking for justice for being discriminated by law enforcement officers. The police were harassing them because of their dress code and hairstyle taking them to be goons. The National Police Service has come out to state that the youth will no longer have rough times with the police because of how they dress.

The NPS had a meeting with University of Nairobi Student Association in which they engaged in peaceful talks aimed at supporting the youth. The meeting was organized by an organization called "CRIME SI POA." The speakers of the meeting advocated for cooperation between the youth and the police to combat crime in the country.

The NPS said that its utmost aim is to safeguard the human rights and not harassing people. They urged enforcement agencies to stop harassing the youth because of how they dress or hairstyle. They also promised more meetings with the public to target a larger audience.

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