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'Nilimdunga Kisu Ya Kwanza AkaScream. I wanted My Wife Dead But Neighbours Saved Her' Man Reveals

A man by the name of Dominic Njuguna has narrated how he almost killed his wife due to infidelity. The young man grew up at Geta Bush in Nyandarua County.

After his education, he moved to Nairobi where he did different jobs that included working in a construction site. He later established a food joint which was later closed down by the authorities. He went back to his rural home and started other hustles. While in his hustles, he met with the love of his life and they got married.

They lived a happy life until his friends told him that his wife has an affair with another man. Njuguna ignored them.

One morning, he received a call from his friend who told him that his wife was in a certain room with his wife. He went to the place and confirmed that her wife was there. While in his house, she kept chatting with the other man. 

On the third day, Njuguna picked her phone and went through it as she was sleeping. The flowing Sunday he packed his clothes and pretended that he was going to Nairobi but alighted at the next stage.

Njuguna followed his wife and the other man the whole day. All this time her wife had left their child with her younger sister. He came back the same night and called his dad and the area chief. He requested them to take his wife back to her parents.

Njuguna claimed that his wife would publicly walk with the other man daily. What hurt him most is seeing his son getting closer to his wife's boyfriend. He decided to travel to Kikuyu and started over again life.

"After a month, my Ex-wife and her boyfriend started calling me. They would abuse me and send very hurting messages," he revealed. 

One of his friends mislead him and advised him to end the life of his wife.

Unfortunately, he was involved in a tragic accident and admitted to the hospital. Everyone thought that he was dead. His friends and relatives wished him a peaceful rest on the social media platforms.

As soon as he got well, he returned to his parent's home. His wife continued insulting him especially when he learned of how his wife used to look at his son in the house. He planed on how to kill her and started befriending her.

One day, he invited her to his home and she went. He had brought a knife, paper bags, and some wires that he wanted to chock her with.

When she got in the house, he locked the door and put on his radio. He told her to kneel and informed her that he wanted to kill her. She talked to him nicely and asked for forgiveness. Luckily he let her go without hurting her.

His friend was still wondering why he forgave the woman who betrayed him. He went to her home and stabbed her. His wife screamed at the top of her voice, fought back, and managed to throw away the knife. Her neighbours responded to the scream and saved her life. He picked his son and ran away to his aunt's place. He planned to kill his son and himself but didn't succeed.

He later met with a woman who encouraged and inspired him to live. He lived with a woman for a week and changed his life. He was so sorry for his deeds and regretted all he had done.

During his interview, he advised the viewers to always let go of earthly things. He told them to learn how to manage their anger and always avoid a negative friendship and bad influence.

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