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My Mother Burnt Down Our House To Ashes After They Had Disagreements With Dad;Man Sadly Opens Up.

Jimmy Njuguna from Kiambu county sadly shares his story with one of the YouTubers on how his mother burnt down their house after they fought with the father. It was the most heartbreaking moments of his life, that he will never forget.

Jimmy is the second born in a family of four children. They were brought up by both parents, and he managed to study up to form four. However, life growing up was not a walk in the park, since his parents argued now and then in their presence. It was embarrassing to watch them fight, and he wished that he would help solve the problem, he sadly states.

When Jimmy was in class six, is when things escalated from bad to worse, he sadly recalls. It was during the holidays and the dad had been away from home for a while. The mother was worried sick about him, especially because his phone didn't go through, and she had no idea where he was.

The dad came back after a few weeks and found that they were packing their clothes to go visit their grandmother. Surprisingly, after the mother confronted him on his whereabouts, he clicked and informed her to mind her business. He went ahead to say that they should cancel their journey and stay at home. He went to an extent of damaging all the shopping his mother had bought for the grandmother, he says.

The mother became furious and continued to pack, and she later left without them. The father, on the other hand, was left outraged after their mother's disobedience. They continued with their lives, although they felt the void of their mother, and it saddened them.

The mother stayed at her mother's place for a month and later came to pick her belongings which she had bought. The father refused for her to enter the house, claiming that everything was his. They fought for a while and the mother pretended to have left until when she saw that the dad had gone to work. 

That's when she came back and poured petrol on their wooden house and lit it. It was late at night, and they were woken up by smoke. Jimmy and his siblings ran out for their lives and found their mother outside crying bitterly. They were left in utter disbelief as they watched their house burn to ashes.

Neighbors came when it's too late and after the mother saw them, she ran for her dear life. It was the worst ordeal that he will never forget. Furthermore, he advises parents not to fight in front of their children since it affects them psychologically.

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Jimmy Jimmy Njuguna Kiambu


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