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Road Accident

"Two Matatus And Tractor Mislead The Bus Driver," The Cause Of Bus Drivers Daring Move Revealed

The Mwingi drowning bus incident has extremely heartbroken many people after seeing over 20 people die like a joke over something that they had already avoided. At first, it was seen that the driver had avoided crossing the bridge. However, it is said that there are 2 Major things that lured him into doing what he knew could easily end in tears.

First, it is said that the driver was lied by a certain Matatu driver who crossed the river succesfully. It is said that the Matatu came from the opposite direction and managed to cross succesfully. This lured the bus driver to accumulate his courage and cross the bridge which is known to be a black spot.

Besides the Matatu, it is said that the people who the bus was carrying were so excited until they forced the driver to risk crossing. They complained of getting late for the ceremony and the driver got convinced by their words.

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