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"RIP" Little Girl Drowns in a Well as She Was Playing With Her Friends on Sunday Evening, Kirinyaga

A family in Kirinyaga county is grieving the loss of their six-year-old daughter who drowned in a well while playing with her friends. The incident occurred in Kandongu village. 

Mr. David Wachira, a resident, claims that the three little girls were swimming in the seven-foot-deep hole when the tragedy occurred. Residents said that the county administration of Kirinyaga had drilled the well to alleviate their water crisis; yet, the same well tragically claimed the life of a young person. 

“It is unfortunate that there was nobody to rescue the girl as most residents had gone to church,” Mr. Wachira said.

Around 5 o'clock on Sunday evening, the girl's body was found inside the well. The mother claimed that while she went to work, she had left her little child in the care of her grandma. 

According to Mr. Wachira, the continuing rains were to blame for the well's overflowing water level. Residents were able to remove the body, and police officers from Kiamaciri station transported it to Kibugi Funeral home.

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