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"My Husband Broke My Spinal Cord As He Tried To Kill Me. My Neighbors Saved My Life" Grace Narrates

A Lady from Muranga namely Grace Nyokabi narrates her story as she vividly remembers how her husband physically abused her in their house. She said that she almost died but he managed to break her spinal cord and rendered her disabled. She said that her neighbors saved her life on that Fateful night.

Grace who was born and raised in Muranga was the first born in a family of four children. She was raised by her father after her parents separated. She dropped out of school in class seven to take care of her younger siblings.

She claimed that life at home was difficult and she decided to get married. She met a man from her village and he offered to marry her. Grace was desperate and she quickly agreed. Her husband was a drankard but also provider. She never lacked anything the first few months.

She claimed that when she became pregnant for her first child he started mistreating her, however her father was supportive and always provided for her while she was still married. She gave birth to her first child and a few weeks later she resumed back to doing casual jobs.

Grace said that her husband didn't stop drinking and he also started beating her while he was drunk. He would come home late at night, insult her and at times beat her for petty reasons.

"I didn't understand why he abused me but I still stayed with him." Grace said.

When Grace decided to leave him she realized that she was pregnant for her second child. She opted to stay with him so that she can raise her children in her matrimonial home. She gave birth nine months later and her husband's situation became worse.

She said that he stopped working and depended on her for food. Whenever he made some money he would indulge in alcohol. One night Grace's husband came home drunk with the intention of killing her.

She served him food and he demanded for water. She served him a glass of water and instead of drinking he splashed it on her face. Before she said a word he walked out and took a log from the kitchen.

She said that she tried to run away but he held her and hit her on her back, as she screamed for help. Grace passed out and when she woke up she was in hospital . She was informed that her neighbors had rescued her and her husband had been arrested.

Grace said that she couldn't stand up and the doctors told her that the her husband had broke her spinal cord and she would be confined to a wheelchair. She was filled with anger as her father tried to comfort her. She was discharged from hospital and after one year of Court sessions her husband was jailed for two years.

Grace said that she wasn't happy with the judgement because she believes that he deserved worst than that, but she is glad that he went to prison for his mistakes. She has adviced women to walk away from abusive relationships and report their abusers to the nearby police station.

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Grace Grace Narrates Grace Nyokabi Muranga


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