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Where Are Two Friends Who Were Abducted By Cops? Mother Reveals Chilling Details About Rogue Cops

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Abshir Garo and Jackson Njue had just settled at a restaurant in Ukunda to enjoy their lunch meal when they were suddenly approached by a group of men who identified themselves as police officers. 

They handcuffed the two and bundled them into a waiting Probox vehicle. After questioning them for several hours, the men drove the two to Majengo where Garo's family resides. They instructed Garo's mother to open the door. 

After searching the house for a while, they told her to give them a bag that contains money. She didn't have an idea about any money that his son had brought to the house. She told them his son was operating a mobile shop in marikiti and there is no way he could have had such a huge amount of money in his possession. 

She rushed outside the house after she heard someone groaning in pain. She found the police beating his son mercilessly. She tried to intervene but the cops turned to her and started assaulting her. 

That was the last time she saw her son or his friend. She has searched everywhere but no one has given her an answer. Police have denied ever arresting him. She is pleading with relevant authorities to help her find her son. 

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