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Mandera Residents Attacked By Hungry Monkeys

Drought facing Mandera town is now beyond control as the monkeys have gone ahead and attacked villagers in search of found. This is an added crisis to the residents who were saving the little they had to help them survive a little longer. This has now caused what is called human and wildlife conflict.

Drought has hit the area for the last two years and what has now been left is fierce competition for survival between the residents and wild animals, with scarce water and insufficient food exacerbating the situation.Baboons and monkeys living atop the hilly mountains of Takaba have moved near the villages with the intention of finding water and food. This has caused a lot of panic for the residents.

Mandera Water CEC Mohammed Ali, on his part,says there is nothing they can do about it because as they walk around,they come across monkeys who are really suffering and go to the extent of attacking women and children in the area.

The residents are now crying for the government to come to their rescue and dig more boreholes in the area to help them have more water.

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