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I Thought My Mom Was Pranking Me When She Wailed In The Shower But What Happened Shuttered Me

Death leaves a heartache while love brings up memories.For Rose,it has not been easy but by the grace of God it has been possible.

Rose shares her story in a program Unscripted in NTV.She says she is a last born in a family of 4.She was brought up by both parents but unfortunately,her parents divorced when she was 5.Her mum moved out with Rose leaving her 3 siblings with her father.

Rose's mother worked so hard and always brought the best out of her daughter.Life was not easy catering for the needs of Rose alone by herself.At some point they were sent out of their rented apartment for not paying rent.

The mother and daughter went to a friend's place who hosted them at that given time.One evening Rose lay on her mum's laps as they continued bonding as they had their chit chat.The mum served her supper and went to take a shower.After afew minutes Rose heard a scream from the bathroom and thinking her mom was Pranking her as she always did she said,"Mom am not scared am now a big girl."Rose realized something was wrong when no reply was heard from the bathroom.

Rose called the neighbors and on arrival they took her mum to hospital.On reaching there her mom passed away.It has not been easy since she has been brought up in different homes but by Grace she is now a grown up.

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