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Current State Of Baringo Kid Who Was Thrown Into A Blazing Fire By His Dad

Sources: Baringo Capital News Through Facebook.

The current state of a five months old kid who was burt by his father In Baringo has shared by Baringo Capital News. The kid who hails from Baringo North was thrown into a blazing fire by his father on suspicion that baby was born out of wedlock. It is so heartbreaking to see how an innocent infant being put to suffer, by a total man with five common senses and a professional teacher. Moreover that teacher is a School head teacher in one of the primary school in Baringo North. So painful for such a kid to receive such a torture from his father.

Picture of the kid's mother in Baringo Referral Hospital, picture credit Facebook

Pictures showing well wishers and the mother in Hospital, picture credit Facebook

According to the Baringo Capital News through Facebook page, the kid is fairing well despite nursing burnt injuries. The kid's nose, eyes and face was disfigured badly by the fire. However doctors and nurses in Baringo Referral Hospital Kabernet are trying their best to restore the health of the infant.

The mother of ailing baby has said that her kid's health is fairly improving despite the fact that she husling to see her kids treated. She said though she hails from poverty stricken family she will do her best to restore the health of her kid. However it is her wish to be assisted by well wishers.

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