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Kenyans Applaud DCI For Arresting The Lady Who Brutalized Young Kid Of Her Employer

(photo of brutal lady, Gladys Naliaka Nalianya)

Kenyans are now having a reason to applaud the DCI teams for successfully arresting the cruel lady who was seen through viral video brutalizing the young kid of her employer by stepping on him and gaining him with a huge stick.

Through their Facebook page, the DCI department posts, "Following the overwhelming outcry Over photos and clip videos that went viral depicting a young woman brutalizing a helpless child of her employer."

According to the discouraging video, the helpless child was seen crying as the 'beast' lady continued to injured him.(photo of the lady brutalizing employer's child)

It's remembered that dehumanizing clip went viral leading to a public outcry thus forcing the security agents to look after the lady who was reported to have gone missing immediately after that bizarre act. 

Perhaps, her details were spreaded online, thus aiding the DCI police to act swiftly. Luckily, on Saturday afternoon, the DCI team got her inside the car as she was traveling to unknown destiny.

It's reported that the lady was lucky to have fallen at the hands of the security agents, since the angry public was after to lynch her to death. Anyway these are the reactions from Kenyans:

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